Uncle Arthur by Dani Horowitz - Show in Yiddish


Director :
Dani Horowitz

Actor :
Rafaël Goldwaser

Artistic counsel:
Georges-Philippe Danan

Philippe Spitz

Le Théâtre en L'Air (Der LufTeater) presents Uncle Arthur, a solo for eight characters by Dani Horowitz. Peter Stone, rescued from the camps, tells of the Shoah by narrating his own experience, his family's and friends'. There are those who, like his Uncle Arthur, managed to leave Europe in time, and those who, like Peter Stone, did not have the chance to leave - and should they have left? Feelings of guilt, of being misunderstood, of communicating or not. All along the narration, Peter Stone is confronted with the impossibility of trasmitting the horror of what he has experienced.

About ...

"Here the props replace the actors: a spotlight, a clothes stand, a hat on a chair, a little puppet in the role of Uncle Arthur - make up the cast brilliantly animated by Rafael Goldwaser" (Saarbrûcker Zeitung, 21 April 1997)

"Intensive and sensitive, both in gestures and facial expression, Rafael Goldwaser plays in the mental universe of Peter Stone. An impressive performance, exceedingly well received by the public. (Trierer Stadt Zeitung, 18 June 1996)

"A disturbing, astonishing and moving performance. Throughout the play humour walks side by side with despair". (E.S., high-school teacher)